State of Digital Vision EA: January 2013 report

State of Digital Vision EA: January 2013 report

Goodbye January, Hello February, the month of Love! Welcome to the State of Digital Vision EA January report

We opened our offices after the holiday breaks on 7th January 2013. The team was back to work, shoulder to the wheel, trying to pick the momentum we had in December 2011.

In the month of January, we have managed to do the following:

  1. New nest for Digital Vision EA: We are now 60% done on our new site, in readiness to migrate to a new domain from the old one The site as at now(1st feb 2012) is 60 percent done. Our timelines were to deliver on 26th January 2013. This time we have agreed to launch a complete site with all the content, rather than rush to launch a half-baked site.
  2. Web application for NCLR: We have managed to cover alot of ground on NCLR Case law Database project. We have done about 90 percent now of the development work and we have commenced on data conversion and entry. We are still working to automate the process some more (Scanned images+ pdfs-> OCR pdf-> Word->SQL db) Not an easy task when you have over 50000 records but we are looking forward to cracking this soon!
  3. Android app for Chamasoft. We had put the Chamasoft project on the backburner in December as we had some disruptions-(maybe this will be another post) – PM is something we really want to master this quarter. Are we ashamed to say this? No, instead, we will keep on improving everyday to make sure we use our time well, remove any distractions and deliver projects quicker. This means that we don’t need to get better at guesstimating  but instead, we need to make sure we improve in terms of skillset and adopt the same standards for doing our work
  4. NBK intranet project: We managed to do reviews of the business processes automated and we should be meeting with the business users from next week. Target date for project completion is 22nd February, so we need to step on the gas again.

We have continued running our projects and tasks on Bitrix 24 but we are exploring options that will allow us to do end to end project management and bring our clients on board. More on this soon.

Friends we lost

At the beginnning of the month, we received the following email from UNDP Kenya

This is to inform you that we have successfully migrated to our new UNDP corporate CMS and would like to thank you and your team for developing and hosting the previous sites.

We therefore require the following:

1.      Decommissioning of the previous site.

2.      Disconnection of the hosting services.

3.      Backup of the previous website.

digital vision ea logoWas it a happy day. No. A sad day. No. At first, I was tempted to feel angst but then I realized, hey, Digital Vision EA has been priviledged to design and develop and maintain UNDP Kenya website for 4 straight years! And change happens all the time. So all is well. And round the co

Thanks for reading. Now back to work! Looking forward to reporting 100% in a few projects 30 days from now and possibly launching of Chamasoft by then.

We will be giving our clients and partners some serious love this month 🙂 🙂

Talk soon

Martin , Shoulder to the wheel Again.

By Martin Njuguna

Martin is a Happy Go Lucky Son of the universe and he likes the color green...shucks! This is where I am supposed to put all the formal and boring stuff about being the Founder of Digital Vision EA and all imaginary and real blueblood credentials, all the badges of honor I have acquired working in the trenches of Digital Vision and other whimsical white-collar qualifications.....Shucks Screw that! Lets do this!

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