Digital Vision understands that websites are a necessity in our everyday lives. When people want to know more about a company, they first check out their website. Websites are a crucial communications tool for companies today. Clients can use a website as an advertising tool that will enable their company to work with the outside world.

We follow the process below to make sure that our client’s needs are met to satisfaction:

  • Requirements Gathering: A meeting will be conducted with the client to collect and understand all requirements of the project.
  • Concept Design: Our UI & UX designers will create a visual representation of the website in PSD formats
  • HTML and CSS coding: Our team of developers will sit down, plan and start developing the code of the website
  • Content/ Articles added: The client will provide content in form of document, articles, blogs and many more which will be inputted into the website
  • Test Website: Our team of Quality Analysts will test the website to ensure that it has met website standards
  • Validate Code: Our developers will validate the code to ensure that the code does not contain any errors
  • Check websites with other browsers: Our team will test to confirm that all browsers open up the website in regards to how it is supposed to function
  • Speed Testing: The Quality Analysts will ensure than the website is fast and responsive in good time
  • Share test link with client: The client will receive the test link to check the website and give feedback
  • Transfer from test link to live link: When the client approves, the website is set to a live link which will enable access to the website from anywhere in the world.

We have worked with Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, NACECE Resource Centre, College of Insurance, Equity Bank Websites, CAFS website Redesign and Kenya Law in our past projects.

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