The Innovation Company

We are the innovation company. We aspire to do better than we did yesterday. We do the hard work today so we can lead tomorrow. We innovate! Our team will review your business requirements and provide you with a world class solution.
Unlock your business potential today by partnering with us in working on the next big thing. The Next Innovation.

The Platform Company

We are the platform company. We are working hard to build new ways of interacting with various services for different sectors. We started with Chamasoft and we have other platforms in the works.

The Collaborative Company

We collaborate with you and build new products and solutions together. We will ideate, iterate , deviate and activate your ideas to life. We listen to you. We adopt world best practices and use the latest technologies to bring your ideas to life.

APIs: Because no man is an island and we play nice with others. We currently are familiar and have worked with JengaAPIs from Equity bank, MPESA APIs and PayPal. Bring us your APIs.


Customer excellence:
We believe that we exist to serve our customers and to do it right all the time. We care only about the best outcome for our customers. Customer-centricity at DVEA begins with a goal of excellence, our willingness to let our customers define ‘excellence’ and for us to perform at the highest level in everything the customer experiences.

We believe in constantly improving our service lines, our products in line with changing evolving customer needs and technology evolution. We believe in providing creative solutions to our customer challenges.

Best workplace:
We believe that to succeed we must provide a great working environment for our employees and provide them with the right tools and proper training. We believe in providing great challenges and commensurate benefits and perks to our employees.

Visionary partnerships:
We believe in partnering with visionary organizations in the pursuit of our mission. We believe it can be done better through engaging like-minded partners who share our values and ideals.

Shareholder value:
We believe in creating maximum return and value for our shareholders and investors. We believe that we can only maximize and optimize our shareholder and investor returns by being steadfast in following our mission and adhering to our Core values.


  • Customer focused
  • Consistency In Quality, timeliness & Communication
  • Reward talent and innovation
  • Team spirit


We strive to provide superior solutions through the creativity of our staff, use of leading-edge technologies and innovative partnerships.


To be a leading pan African Tech company.

We help you Unlock your innovations
We partner with you in your search for the best in class products and services
We are agile and nimble
We listen
We invent
We build
We create
We design
We innovate
We grow with you from ideation to launch
We succeed. Together

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Talk to us about that idea you are having.
We will work with you all along to transform your idea into an application.