A voucher platform can deliver functionality in a number of key areas, which may include the empowering voucher distribution to different users, and facilitating transactions between users and approved dealers. It can permit the exchange of electronic vouchers for locally available goods, according to program rules. It can also provide access to a centralized management platform that supports administration of more voucher programs.

Simple Voucher is a voucher platform that can do exactly that. It is a Voucher Management and Remittance System which is an online cross-bounder remittance system that will enable people to send money (i.e. cash) and groceries to their loved ones.

Some of the general features of Simple Voucher include:

  1. Supports registration of individual participants thus enhancing security.
  2. Ability to accept uploads of files containing participant and dealer profile metadata.
  3. Ability to add or remove additional participant or dealer data throughout the program cycle.
  4. Ability to allow changes and edits to participant and dealer profiles (e.g., add unavailable data, modify existing data, etc.).
  5. Simple Voucher Platform also supports definition of voucher content i.e. the value and/or validity of each voucher.
  6. Ability to support batch delivery of vouchers to participants.
  7. Moneys will be tracked in clearly within the platform.

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