Digital Vision is your solution for all your UX and UI needs. We are equipped with a team of UX and UI designers. UX designers are primarily concerned with how the product feels and selecting the right interface elements, such as text fields, buttons, check boxes and drop-down lists, to create the tangible interfaces that the client can readily understand and easily use. UX designers explore many different approaches to solving a specific user problem and enhancing user satisfaction and designing the complete user experience.

Our process is as follows:

Research: Our very capable designers have a sit down with the client to get more information on the project. More research is done internally to ensure the client’s needs are fully met.

Design: Digital Vision designers begin to structure their content and think about the customer journey or the series of steps the client will take when using the product.

Prototyping: Our designers create a draft version of the site or product. A presentation is done to the client to showcase how the outcome will be.

Testing: After a solid prototype is built, the designers are then able to test their product. In UX, tests can be as simple as observing customer/product interactions or as complex as presenting different versions of a product to the client to see which is better received.

Our team of outstanding designers uses the following tools to create apps/websites with high productivity:

  • SmartDraw
  • Mockplus
  • Font Awesome
  • InVision

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