Product development is about the entire process of creating usable products and experiences, starting by defining real people’s IT problems and thinking about possible solutions. That will eventually lead to the best design and workable solutions. Digital Vision takes into account how the solution will perform its intended functionality in an efficient, safe and reliable manner.

Our Process is as follows:

Analyze the situation: Before beginning the design, we have a sit down with the client and discuss the problem to be addressed.

Research the problem: Digital Vision strives at ensuring we get a viable solution for you; therefore, we research on how to ensure the solution is the best and will work efficiently in regards to your needs.

Work out possible solutions: We combine the client’s ideas and our ideas with information obtained from our research to suggest several possible design solutions.

Select a preferred solution: Digital Vision together with the client decides which solution to adapt. Client involvement is very important to us because we work on making sure that all needs are met.

Prepare working drawings and plan ahead: Digital Vision has a team of able developers and designers who will draw the chosen design including all the details that are important to its construction. A work plan will also be developed and shared with the client.

Design a prototype: A prototype is very important to both us and the client. A model is usually designed first and the final product is developed from it. A presentation is done to the client and once a go ahead is given, we begin working on the final product.

Test and evaluate the design: Testing is ongoing as the construction progresses, but a final test of the entire system proves the project does the job for which it is designed for. Digital Vision has a team of Quality Analysts who conduct alpha and beta test, not forgetting code testing to ensure the system is working as required.

For Digital Vision, tools and techniques are essential in driving the design cycle of the solution. Our selection tools for design focuses on the management of the client’s preferences but mainly deal with Code Igniter, PHP, MySQL and Oracle DB.

We have worked on several projects whose clients are very happy with and use in their different lines of businesses:

  • Equity Group Foundation – Database Management Information System
  • Kenya Law – Treaties and Cases Databases
  • EAENET – Energy Experts Database
  • College of Insurance – Student Online Registration Module
  • Chamasoft – Group Financial Management Software

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