Langata Junior School

request project
  • Scope: Design and development of Langata Junior website
  • Client: Langata Junior School
  • Technologies used: Pyro CMS, PHP, Jquery, Foundation framework
  • Year: 2012

Langata Junior School is one of very competitive private school located in Nairobi at Langata. Their previous website was not appealing and did not capture what they wanted.

This led them to seek consultation and they approached Digital Vision EA. After advice we came up with a concise way of how the website will be presented and how we were going to make it responsive and consistent to achieve their base requirement of the website. To ensure that we delivered a good job we had set the below targets which were confirmed after the site went live.

  • Consistency: We developed a small set of templates for pages and other design elements, and apply them throughout the site. It makes writing, publishing and maintenance easier, and supports the implementation of XML, CSS and other technologies that rely on structured content.
  • Navigation: We came up with a consistent navigation scheme from page to page helps the website visitor learn your website navigation system.
  • Accessibility: We ensured this based on the kind of tools and technologies we used and we also tested the website in all browsers both for mobile and PCs.
  • Reduce User’s Cognitive Effort by making the webpage obvious and reducing detailed explanations of how it works. We also kept the navigation structure of the website intuitive and visible.
  • We also focused on visitor’s attention by reducing pop-up style banner to convey the message etc.
  • We also showcase the Website’s Features Effectively by ensuring that Navigation links are have proper headers and colors which are consistent in all the pages.
  • The website has effective content which are represented in simple language that is broken down category-wise and which has headers that are easy for a user to scan through
  • We also avoid Complicating things by simplifying the process of searching for information and keeping things as simple as possible.
  • We also avoided wasted white spaces on the websites by making the content compact and avoiding long pages.
  • We ensured the website communicate effectively by keeping the visual cues to the point to enhance distinctiveness and to provide emphasis.
  • We also used user familiar formats such like placing the search box in places where users would expect it, using familiar terms like sign-up and log-in and placing the major links in familiar places will help in reducing the user’s learning curve for your website
  • We ensure that we tested the websites and that all the stated requirements were in place together with those functionalities necessary for the website.
  • The websites are responsive and compatible with all browsers.
  • We also ensured the security issues were in place to avoid hacking of the websites or malicious intruders.
  • The sites also have links to social networks which is an important tool to reach many people.

Some of the tools we used

  • PyroCMS running on codeIgnitor (PHP)
  • CSS 3 for design
  • HTML
  • JavaScript/Ajax
  • Foundation Framework

Why we chose these tools

The above tools enabled us to come up with responsive website which can be accessed through mobile phones with least breakages of the design. We were also able to come up with websites which are compatible with all browsers. They also enabled us to develop a dynamic website which is easy to manage even by our clients after deployment.