Kenya Law Website Redesign

request project
  • Scope: Website redesign
  • Client: NCLR - National Council for Law Reporting
  • Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, TYPO3
  • Year: 2013

We were privileged to be awarded tender to redesign Kenya Law website. The redesign came as part of rebranding campaign by Kenya Law. Their previous website looked old fashioned, had broken links and poor legibility.

We took up the Job and produced a clean looking modern design that resonates well with their rebranding. The challenge was enormous because the website hosted enormous amount of texts and links to other systems. It also utilized very few images hence giving us food for thought when it came to the look and feel. We were equal to all these challenges and were able to deliver great job to our clients.

Design / Front End

First we had to conceptualize the design and then used Photoshop to produce the PSD. We made sure that the design captures Kenya Law new brand accurately. After designing our design using Adobe Photoshop we produced the design using bootstrap framework. This is a very robust framework for generating HTML / CSS. This helped us move faster given the timelines we had.

We also made sure the website is responsive and viewable across various devices. Some of the frontend technologies used in the frontend:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3


For the website backend we chose TYPO3 content management system. We chose it because:

  •  It is a very stable CMS
  •  Ensures maximum security
  • Easy to integrate with any HTML design
  • Allows installation of extensions
  •  Its ability to hold a lot of content

The integration process was seamless and given its abilities we were able to have various templates for different pages as per the demands of a given page.