Jennie Karina

request project
  • Scope: Design and development of Jennie Karina personal website
  • Client: Jennie Karina
  • Technologies used: Wordpress, Foundation framework
  • Year: 2012

This is a personal website done for Jennie Karina an author, mentor and a relationship coach.

Having launched her book early 2012, she wanted people to create awareness of her book and also to market herself in the field of personal development. She requested Digital Vision EA to design for a personal website that could help market her and create awareness on the existence of her book.

Website features

  • The website is fully responsive and is visible on tablets and phones
  • In order for her to write articles we included a blog feature for her blog posts
  • We also included an Amazon payment link for people to purchase her books online
  • Because she holds many events, we also added a photo gallery to display photos for her events
  • A YouTube video capability is also included on the website to enable her post video appearances
  • Rich and well organized content
  • Well designed theme that is exciting to the eye
  • An event module that allows her to post events on to the website

Tools and frameworks use

1.  Foundation framework

This website is unique because it uses foundation for HTML and CSS development. Foundation framework was chose for its agility and responsiveness. Besides that it saves a lot of time that should have been spent writing HTML and CSS code from scratch.

Foundation framework also integrates with any CMS and uses latest technologies of CSS3 and HTML5

2. WordPress CMS

We chose wordpress for this project because of its robustness and flexibility in the following ways:

  • It already has a blogging capability hence all we needed is to start posting
  • Supports use of plug-in which simplifies implementation e.g. the event calendar we used
  • Theme development and installation is much easier – We developed a custom wordpress theme for this client based on foundation framework and integrated seamlessly with wordpress
  • The backend is user friendly and even a novice can manage the content J
  • WordPress CMS has many features that makes managing of a website easy
  • It takes less time to set up a website project