Huduma Kenya Intranet Portal

request project
  • Scope: Intranet design and development
  • Client: Gok - Ministry of devolution and planning
  • Technologies & Platform: Bitrix Intranet, HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery
  • Year: 2013

Huduma Kenya is a government initiative to improve government services to Mwanachi. Digital Vision EA was at the center of it having been contracted to design and develop Huduma Kenya Intranet Portal. The portal is at the center of Huduma project. The portal is now used by government employees to obtain information relating to a particular service being offered.


Huduma uses a custom design running on Bitrix Intranet portal platform. The design involved design of Huduma landing page as well as the intranet internal pages. The design involved integrating custom design with Bitrix Intranet.
We used bootstrap framework for front end development. We also enhanced frontend graphics using adobe Photoshop. What helped us come up with a good design for the portal were the clear requirements provided.


We used Bitrix Intranet portal Bizpace edition for the portal. Bitrix Intranet was chosen because of its functionality and ease of use. It comes with all the features required for an intranet. One of the main important features was integration with the Active Directory (AD) which Bitrix Does Seamlessly.

The project was a success and is currently in use by Huduma employees at Huduma Centers countrywide.