Dune Duet

request project
  • Scope: Website design and development
  • Client: Dune Duet
  • Technologies used: Pyro CMS, Foundation Framework
  • Year : 2012

As part of giving back to the society, Digital Vision decided to give back to Dune Duet by developing for them a website. Dune Duet is an enterprise that handles early child development stuff. These include clothes, toys, and gifts and so on.

Having volunteered ourselves to do the work we contacted them for website specifications and requirements. We established they needed a website that could list their products with each product having its details.

Website features

  • Fully responsive design that is viewable on tablets and phones  among others devices
  • Nice and clean color scheme that is baby like
  • Neat arrangement of content
  • E-commerce like product presentation
  • Product listing by category
  • Light Box pop up for viewing detailed image
  • Contact form and a Google map for the contact us page

Tools and frameworks used

1. Foundation framework

This website is unique because it uses foundation for HTML and CSS development. Foundation framework was chose for its agility and responsiveness.

Besides that it saves a lot of time that should have been spent writing HTML and CSS code from scratch.Foundation framework also integrates with any CMS and uses latest technologies of CSS3 and HTML5. Foundation is also powerful because of its add ons  such as: templates,  icon fonts, responsive tables among others

2. Pyro CMS

We chose Pyro CMS for this project because of its robustness and flexibility in the following ways:

  • Makes it easy to integrate that theme with CMS
  • Theme development and installation is much easier
  • The backend is user friendly and already has modules such as user management, news, article manager and so on
  • While developing the website there was a clear separation of the design and the development  processes but the jigsaw fitted well in the end