ABC Bank Intranet

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  • Scope: Design,Customization and Deployment of Bitrix Intranet for ABC Bank Kenya
  • Client: ABC Bank Kenya
  • Techologies Used: Bitrix Intranet
  • Year: 2012
  • Caterogy: Intranet, Web application, Web design

ABC Bank is based in Kenya. Digital Vision EA implemented an intranet based on Bitrix Intranet in 2012

Digital Vision EA had approached ABC bank them to redesign for them a Diaspora banking website. Upon finishing the website work, we discovered that they already had a custom made intranet but it was not working for them. We suggested Bitrix Intranet which after product presentation and reviews received thumbs up and we commenced on the work.

Aims and objectives

  • Automation of processes
  • Achieve paperless banking
  • Document management
  • Improved internal communication
  • Employee evaluation
  • Online requisitioning
  • Facilitate Discussions and forums
  • Project management

Starting out

We began with requirements gathering and we discovered that they wanted an intranet which could cut down on paper usage and achieve paperless banking.

They wanted two business processes automated, namely:

  • Asset requisitioning process (For Both fixed asset and Non-fixed asset)
  • Transport and logistics requisitioning


First we had to ensure that Bitrix can run on ABC Bank server environment.  We checked the server specifications and their active directory (AD) to ensure that LDAP integration is possible. Their Active Directory was okay but there were no clear departments and defined roles.

Defining user roles and having clear departments is important whenever you want to set up a good company structure in Bitrix Intranet. It is also important in business process automation flow of a process because in each business process step there are ‘approvers’ who determine the next step in the process.

We then had to request ABC Bank system administrators to reorganize their Active Directory and have a clear structure. They also came up with an Access Control matrix that displayed read and write access permission for intranet users. Since it’s a bank setting, handling of information is so sensitive thus implementing an  ACL(Access control list)matrix was important.

Design and customization

Having deployed the intranet with its default setting and design, the client requested for a custom theme for the website. ABC Bank already had an in house creative designer and was very particular on how the design should be.

ABC creative designer and Digital Vision designer worked closely to ensure that they get a good design. ABC creative designer provided us with a JPG version of their design and we transformed the JPG version to HTML/CSS. Having finished the design in HTML/CSS we integrated the design with Bitrix intranet in order to add functionality on to the theme.

Content Migration

With Bitrix already deployed and the theme ready, we transferred the content from the old intranet to the new intranet.  This involved a wide use of information blocks which were categorized according to the nature of the content. Some of the content migrated included: News items, Blog posts, Documents, Photos, project milestones, e-learning materials among others

Business process automation

We automated one business process (Fixed and Non Fixed asset requisitioning) for ABC Bank with the other to be done by their in house developers.  In order to come up with an effective business processes we had to meet key stakeholders who will use that business process. In this case we met Logistics department head so that we could understand the department needs. In the meeting we discovered they needed a business process in order to:

  • Reduce the amount of paper work needed to process a requisition
  • To ensure that the service is available at all times
  • To have the ability of tracking a requisition
  • Faster delivery of requisitions

The business process we designed for them had the ability to meet all the above concerns from the clients. The benefits felt were as below:

Faster requisitioning

This is because the exit point of the business process was logistics department and they could easily get queued requests via the system and respond to them immediately.

Besides that, the business process ensured that whenever one departmental head is not in, then another approver is assigned the approval process. This ensures that the process does not stop at one point.


At each stage of approval, the business process sends notification to the user. The notification can come as an email or an alert on the intranet notification area.


The business process keeps records of each outcome of requisitioning process. There is also an event log table associated with each business process.

Documentation and training

Documentation of the work was done and uploaded to the e-learning module for users to access. This involved a user guide for users and a training manual for administrators.