Inbuilt automotive applications are terribly limited with what they can offer. These applications can increase driver’s capabilities to do incredible things.

Whether you are a vehicle owner or a driver, with our application, you are able to:

  • Manage vehicle service schedule – You’re able to receive reminders on your next service for your vehicle. So if you’re one of those vehicle owners with busy schedules, this might come in handy.
  • Locate the nearest garage, petrol station – When maneuvering in a new neighborhood and your fuel gauge reads ‘empty’, or your vehicle breaks down for one reason or another, our application has you sorted.
  • Add car items – e.g. vehicle type, vehicle model, year of manufacture, number plate for future reference.
  • Buy or sell a vehicle – Our app will connect you to buyers if you want to sell your vehicle and also connect you to sellers if you are looking forward to acquire a vehicle.
  • Track the trips made – We use Google Maps with to track all the trips you have made through which you can generate well-formatted, clean reports and timelines.
  • View vehicle insurance cover – You will be able to view all the details concerning your insurance cover (i.e. the company that has insured it, expiry date and also the ability to set and send reminders)

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