Business process optimization and Workflow automation

We make your life easier by automating your manual processses

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Go green! Automate

We help businesses to automate their paper based business processes and document workflows.

  • Become more effective
  • Have more transparent processes
  • Generate process reports
  • Adhere to your process standards by tracking progress
  • Automate process escalations
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Automate your business process flow more efficiently and boost productivity

business process optimization

Benefits of Automation

Automation can help in increasing

  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase predictability of quality.
  • Improve process robustness
  • Increase process speed
  • Faster time to market
  • Redeploying of human energy  to other more pressing issues

Business process optimization

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Your processes automated!

Getting started on a business process automation project may be a simple or a complex affair, depending on what is desired. It may mean installing a simple accounting system or automating all business activities, in which case, you would need an ERP solution. Some key processes that are candidates for automation include:

  • HR processes: Recruiting, Shortlisting, Employee self service, Performance appraisal etc
  • Finance andprocesses: Purchasing and procurement, supply and inventory management, stock management and reorders, receipting, financial reporting
  • Paper based forms: These include authorization forms, leave forms etc

Business process automation is a specific task that must be considered in light of prevailing  business requirements and strategy

Workflow automation

workflow analysis chart

Document processing and Digitization

Does your organization require a simpler way to handle incoming documents?  Do you have a manual process of  processing incoming documents? Does your process involving documents going for approvals, edits, conversions into certain formats eg copy protected pdfs ? Then our workflow automation services can help you

  • Automate your document approval process and integrate this with email system or inbuilt alerts
  • Create a document processing portal/dashboard to enable process monitoring
  • Create an e-registry for all incoming parcels and mails for onward processing and record keeping

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