Excellent Website Redesign Checklist

Excellent Website Redesign Checklist

Below is a checklist which you may use as a guideline when considering a redesign of your website.

Study and benchmark the current site metrics

You will  need to review your current website metrics such as the ones below.

  • Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Current SEO rankings for important keywords

  • Domain authority
  • Number of new leads/form submissions
  • Total amount of sales generated
  • Determine current traffic sources:Social  Media, Direct/organic, paid traffic, other sites

These will help you understand your traffic sources, how long your visitors are staying on website and it will give you pointers to what aspects you may need to keep and what you need to do away with.

website redesign checklist

Determine site goals: Tie redesign to site goals.

Make sure that your website redesign checklist has some certain goals. Is it a shift in your business communication strategy? Do you want your site to generate leads? Are you opening an e-shop online?. Also consider some of the below indicative goals:

  • Number of visits/visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Domain authority
  • Number of new leads/form submissions
  • Total amount of sales generated
  • Current SEO rankings for important keywords

Please note that many of these goals are dependent on each other. For example, in order to get more conversions, you need to increase traffic while decreasing the bounce rate, so it’s common to have many of these objectives. The metrics need to be very specific for instance,  Increase site traffic by x% over a period of X months

4.    Determine current traffic(of current website)

5.    Inventory the current site

  • What is the most shared or viewed content
  • What is the most trafficked pages
  • Which are the best performing keywords you rank for and associated pages
  • What are the Number of inbound links to individual pages

6. Undertake Competitor analysis

  •   Site analysis
  •   Pros of competitor sites
  • How competitor site is getting found

7. What is your Site’s Unique value proposition: Geared and driven by content strategy. This  Affects conversion rate and bounce rate and must in human readable format

8. Design the site for different client profiles/personas : Eg If you are a site that sells insurance, write content and have pages for:
i.    For individual buyers
ii.    For corporate buyers
iii.    For Insurance agents
iv.    For insurance brokers
v.    For other partners eg insurance premium financiers
b.    For the personas:
i.    Segment by demographics
ii.    Segment by each persona specific needs
iii.    Behavior based profiles eg what they do on social media

9.    Optimization of new site for organic searches

a.    Most searched-value pages
b.    301 redirect strategy
c.    Keyword research

10. Identify and add calls to action on various website pages

You can add various types of calls to action on various pages across your website. These may include:

a.   Free Premium content, where you would need individuals to do a specific thing eg unlock content or subscribe before downloading content
b.   Newsletter subscription: Sign up forms presented strategically on the website
c.   Contact us: Ability for visitors to contact you easily through well created forms

11.    Ongoing content strategy? How are you going to update your new website? Do you have internal PR resources? Are you going to outsource your content

12.  Other Important items:

a.    Shareability: How easy is it for your content to be shared?
b.    Blog: Are you going to maintain a blog page?
c.    Landing pages: Are you going to have landing pages for various
d.    RSS: Are you going to provide visitors with an rss feed to get notifications whenever you provide an update to your website?
e.    Analytics: How are you going to monitor traffic to your website? Will you input a traffic counter or

By Martin Njuguna

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