Teamwork Chaos

War in the thinkers room

Teamwork Chaos

War In the thinkers room The thinkers room(Programmers abode) in our office had been turned into a war room. We were discussing the billing system for one of our projects and how we were going to implement it. I had called the developers into a ‘short meeting’, where we were meant to get consensus on the billing system and a few nuances on chamasoft. 3 Hours later, we were all famished and Frustrated! It was 2pm from a short meeting that had started at 11am. domain keywords First, there was no Agenda I tabled to my team about the meeting, I had called them hurriedly to a meeting and I was pushing ideas down their throats. The team felt ambushed and felt they had no control over what was happening Utter silence from the team, miscommunication, resistance and one of them almost threw a fit! What a Monday Going forward we resolved as a team to do the following

  1. Get regular meetings: Stand up meeting for developers will be good going forward to discuss project issues before they balloon out of control. We have so many things to discuss in a single sitting that its impossible to exhaust these issues in a single setting
  2. Set agenda and time before any meetings: For team members to be productive and receptive in a meeting, its important for the team members to understand the agenda before hand and to ensure that the team members understand the contributions they should give during the meeting. This will also provide them with time to do research during the meeting
  3. Stay focused: We should always stay focused on each agenda and work as a team.
  4. Clarity: There is need for me (Essential!)as the overall team manager to provide clarity on issues and on projects, otherwise the team will ‘muddle’ a task
  5. One Direction: We all agreed on one goal as a team and we agreed to pull towards it and to work as a team.

teamwork chaos - clarity

What are the challenges you have been experiencing as a team lately? As we evolve and grow Digital Vision EA , we will have to overcome communication barriers, collaborate more often and work towards one clearly defined end goal. Thanks for reading Martin    

By Martin Njuguna

Martin is a Happy Go Lucky Son of the universe and he likes the color green...shucks! This is where I am supposed to put all the formal and boring stuff about being the Founder of Digital Vision EA and all imaginary and real blueblood credentials, all the badges of honor I have acquired working in the trenches of Digital Vision and other whimsical white-collar qualifications.....Shucks Screw that! Lets do this!

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