National Bank of Kenya

request project
  • Scope: Deployment, Design and Customization of Bitrix Intranet for National Bank of Kenya
  • Client: National Bank of Kenya
  • Technologies used: PHP, CSS, Javascript, Bitrix Intranet, MSQL
  • Year: 2012

National Bank of Kenya is a Banking provider spread all over Kenya. The bank did not have an intranet and required one urgently to improve their internal communication. Digital Vision EA bid for the work and qualified to deploy an intranet for National Bank

Aims and objectives

  • To improve internal communication within National Bank of Kenya
  • To automate business process
  • Share/ store documents
  • Have an online library booking system
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Facilitate E-learning booking system
  • Allow buy and sell online
  • Facilitate meeting room booking
  • Bank and department calendar management

Starting out

We began by first looking at their infrastructure to determine if the environment supports installation of Bitrix Intranet.  The test was passed and we successfully install Bitrix Intranet on a defined server. Their active directory was already set up and all the branches were reflecting. We integrated Bitrix Intranet with active directory successfully allowing users to login to the intranet using their active directory.

Intranet design and customization

Having installed the intranet the main tasks began this included:

  • Customizing the themes look and feel
  • Customizing the intranet functionalities

Customizing the look and feel

The client was very specific on how the frontend interface should be presented. We first started by drawing prototypes of the design using a wireframing tool and in our case we used Balasmiq. Once the prototype is ready, we sent it to the client for approval, there were a few iterations but finally we settled on a prototype which will be a basis of our design.

Having agreed on a design, the designer fired Photoshop and came up with a graphical representation of the design. Once this is ready we do slicing where we transform a PSD into HTML/ CSS ready for integration. In this stage of slicing a handy HTML/CSS framework came in handy i.e. Bootstrap


Bitrix intranet is so versatile and allows development of custom themes. To develop a custom theme it involves taking the HTML/CSS code and integrating with Bitrix tags. Once done you upload the files to templates folder and the system will be able to detect the installed theme and make it available for selection

Customizing Bitrix intranet  

  • Business process customization – We did almost 20 business process cu customization
  • Meeting room booking – Since they had many meeting rooms and each meeting room had to have specific details, we added several custom fields to a meeting room property
  • Library / Online Book Borrowing– This was done to facilitate borrowing of books from the banks library via the intranet.
  • Buying and selling – Bank employees wanted an ability to have a classified property section where employees could post a property they would like to sell and find potential buyers within the bank
  • Loan calculator – This customization was needed to allow employees to calculate loan interest rates with ease.
  • Document generation – NBK intranet has the ability to generate template documents.


The intranet implementation at NBK was a success as we managed to meet all their objectives with each department fully benefiting.