Middle East Bank Intranet

request project
  • Scope: Deployment of Bitrix Intranet
  • Client: Middle East Bank kenya
  • Techologies Used: Bitrix Intranet
  • Year: 2012

We designed and developed an intranet based on bitrix intranet for Middle East bank in 2012

Digital Vision EA was initially contracted to redesign a new website for Middle East Bank. We decided to go all out and threw in an addon for Bitrix intranet. We custom designed the template and also integrated with Active directory to import all the users and departments.

 Aims and objectives of the intranet

  • To improve internal communication within the bank
  •  Manage shared and unshared documents online
  • Easy access of company information even outside the organization
  • Easy to find employee directory
  • Business process automation
  •  Integration with LDAP

Starting out

We first started by gathering the client’s requirements and understand their needs. Since they are in the process of expanding they didn’t need business processes. Therefore we did an installation to the Bitrix and customized the theme


The server runs on windows server 2008 and is also hosted on a public IP with an SSL certificate to allow online access from MEB website. Our developers we able to integrate Bitrix Intranet with existing employee infrastructure LDAP, this allowed employees to login with the same password they use when logging in their normal user accounts

Intranet customization

Front end design used HTML and CSS to come up with a template and is integrated to obtain a theme.

Features included

  • Employee search
  •  Employee profiles
  •  Document management
  • Organizational calendars
  •  Company structures
  •  Easy content management
  • Forex rates
  •  Intranet Search
  •  Telephone directory
  •  Meeting room booking
  •  E-learning

Conclusion and achievements

The bank management responded well to the need of business process and is planning to call upon Digital Vision to continue from where they left.

The intranet has help the bank employees to communicate better, share documents and find employee information quickly