Getrude’s Hospital Microsite-Sunshine Smiles

request project
  • Scope: Design and development of Gertrude's Children Hospital CCC clinic website
  • Client: Gertrudes Children Hospital
  • Techologies Used: Pyro CMS, Wordpress, Vanilla Forums and Foundation Framework
  • Year: 2012

Having done for them an Intranet and Knowledge management system, Gertrude’s children hospital entrusted Digital Vision EA to develop a website for CCC clinic program that they are currently running.

Getrudes’ Childrens Hospital requested us to design and develop a microsite for them.

The website consists of a blog and a forum and was designed to achieve the following:

  • To create awareness of the CCC program
  • To use the blog as a tool for educating users, patients and staff by posting regular information
  • Have the forum facilitate discussions on hot topics that concerns CCC Sunshine Smiles clinic

The websites has the following features:

  • The website is fully responsive¬†
  • Blog feature to allow posting of articles
  • Discussion forum to facilitate online discussions
  • Website gallery that allows adding of event images
  • Social network integration

Tools and frameworks used

Foundation framework

This is an HTML/CSS framework and was used to develop front end design. We chose foundation because:

  • Its fully responsive
  • Saves us time of developing the website from scratch

Pyro CMS

We used pyro CMS to run the website backend and integrate it with front end. We chose pyro CMS because it gave us the following advantages:

  • Runs on PHP programming and MySQL database
  • It separated the design form development making us concentrate in each area hence quality work- runs on Codeginiter MVC framework


We used WordPress in developing CCC sunshines blog. The following were the reasons why we chose wordpress for the blog:
It is easy to post articles

  • The backend is user friendly and even a novice can manage the content
  • It is easy to set up

Vanilla forums

We used vanilla forum to create CCC blog forum because:

  • It is simplistic and has a very nice dashboard
  • Allows use of plugins
  • Notifies the user of and the administrator in case a comment is added onto a thread
  • Interface is friendly and has a set of theme to choose from
  • Does not need a lot of expert knowledge for one to use which was good because te forums is used by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and nutritionists who are not tech savvy