Gertrude’s children hospital

request project
  • Scope: Design and development of Gertrude's CCC doctors Knowledge Management System
  • Client: Getrudes Children Hospital
  • Techologies Used: PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS and Pyro
  • Year: 2012

The CCC Sunshine clinic runs is a program within Gertrudes Children Hospital that treats and manages HIV/AID’s patients who come from Gertrude’s or referals from other hospitals / testing centers

The manual program involved opening a file for each new patient and keeping patients personal details, treatment details, visit details, counseling details and nutrition details. This proved to be very cumbersome and the I.T. department recognized the need of a knowledge management system that will enable doctors and clinicians to share patient information regardless of the location.

Knowledge Management System was the proposed solution and Digital Vision EA was approached to develop the KM having successfully implementedBitrix Intranet.

Knowledge management system objectives

  • To allow the Doctors / Clinicians share patient information
  • Store patient details in electronic format for easy sharing
  • Allow doctors to attend to patients outside the organization
  • Record patient follow up details
  • Allow easy reporting
  • Patient analysis using visual presentations e.g. graphs

System capabilities

  • The system is now live and has the following capabilities:
  •  Keeps patients and clinicians profiles
  • Associate several patients to a particular clinicians hence confidentiality of information
  • Allows sharing of patient details only on request
  • Has a messaging feature that enables a clinician ti share instant messages
  • The system has a notification feature on the dashboard allowing a doctor not to miss an event
  • The system has a graphical presentation of patients progress report on the dashboard
  • Allows various users i.e. doctors, nurses, nutritionists, counselors and social workers to comment on a patient profile
  •  The system runs on a public IP hence allows doctors / clinicians in satellite clinics to use the sytem
  •  Nice and clean interface

Tools and frameworks used

1. Pyro CMS

This is a robust content management system that uses PHP programming language and Mysql database with code igniter as the base framework.

2.  Front End Design

HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery