Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

request project
  • Scope: Deployment, Design and Customization of Bitrix Intranet for Gertrudes Children Hospital
  • Client: Getrudes Children Hospital
  • Technologies used: Bitrix Intranet
  • Year: 2011

Gertrude’s children hospital is a health care provider for children in Nairobi. In addition it also provides treatment to adults in specific cases. The hospital has branches in several parts of the country. They needed an intranet in order to improve communication among staff and also to facilitate on online training among doctors.


  • Automation of business processes
  • Facilitate e-learning
  • Meeting room booking
  • Document sharing

Starting out

We first checked the server to see if it met Bitrix minimum requirements. The server was okay and the active directory (AD) was also well structured. We installed Bitrix Intranet and successfully integrated with active directory.

Intranet customization

For Gertrude’s   we did Business six business process customizations namely:

  • Asset disposal – A business process to manage assets which are no longer in use
  • Catering request –  This is a business process that allows staff to make orders to the cafeteria
  • Doctor locum registration –  Keeps a log of locums that a doctor has done in a given day
  • End of employment – This business process allows staff to request termination of employment online. It is addressed to the HR department
  • Leave application form – Instead of applying for leave  manually, this business process helps Gertrude’s staff to request for leave online via the intranet
  • Locum request – Allows doctors  to request for locums
  • Mileage claim form – This business process has helped the doctors who go on locum to claim for their mileage online
  • Salary advance – This business process allows employees to request for salary advance from accounts department.
  • Transport requisition process – Since doctor’s travel from one clinic to another frequently, an online transport requisitioning is helping Gertrude’s doctors requisite with ease and any time.

Gertrude’s children hospital is hosted on a public IP, this enable accessing the intranet outside the organization.