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We provide website maintenance services for customers who have existing websites. We provide corrective  services that ensure the sites freshness, updates to the code and  also update your site content as and when  required.

Digital Vision EA Provides the following services as part of website maintenance package

General  Website Improvements

  1. Small design tweaks to fix javascript and css
  2. Content reorganization and improving navigation
  3. Content management system upgrades

 Corrective Services

  1. Ensure any defective links or errors identified during routine maintenance are noted and fixed.
  2. Preventative maintenance:Testing the site for broken links and fixing that

Site Enhancement Services

Improve on the design, feel and look and functionality of the site including creating relevant pages on social networks such as Face book, twitter etc.

Content Management

  1. Day to day maintenance   provide day  to day  updating of  the website the web maintenance contact should address the following
  2. Minor content creation:   covers creation of icons, buttons and other small and graphical additions as necessary.
  3. Creation of additional web pages and links – covers the creation of new pages and links as the need arises.
  4. Refreshing images/graphics this entails replacement and where relevant, the animation of various images on different pages on the website including compressing documents and graphics to increase your website speed.
  5. Banner creation and upload

Other services that may be performed as part of maintenance but at additional costing include:

  1. Search Engine optimization:
  2. Onsite website optimizationMetatags, image tags, sitemap and keyword tags generation
  3. Offsite website optimization
  4. Online advertisement management through  Google adwords and other paid platforms
  5. Provision of website traffic statistics

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