Web Application Development Services

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Web Application Development Services

We design and develop custom web applicationsĀ  as per your specific requirements. A web application can be loosely defined as a software solution that involves form filling and submission of data into a database. The web application may be complex enough to provide other functionality like data approval, sorting data based on content entered into the system. A web application can also have complex workflows and business processes that would allow alerts, data export into other systems, integrations into other inhouse systems like crms and even triggering creation of reports.

Our Methodology

We can use eitherĀ  Agile methodology or the traditional waterfall methodology to develop your web app. This is mainly dependent on whether your requirements are clear or we are going to discover the requirements by creating a prototype

Tools and Languages

We use varying tools depending on the web application but some of our common tools include:

  1. Codeigniter: A PHP framework which isĀ  agile and open source based. It uses the MVC architecture thus allowing us to code faster and reuse code . Learn more about codeigniter here
  2. Foundation framework, a responsive front end development framework
  3. CSS3
  4. Javascript/Ajax
  5. HTML5

See some of the web applications we have developed

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