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What browsers are Bitrix Intranet Portal front end compatible with?

Bitrix Intranet Portal is supported on the web browsers below. Note, no extra plugins are required.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7
  • Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3
  • Mozilla Firefox 2 and 3

All the site management tasks can be performed through the web-interface of any Internet browser (except when working with the HTML editor component, which requires Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher or Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher). Bitrix Intranet Portal supports the following standards:

  • HTML/XHTML – the system places no restrictions on templates developed with HTML/XHTML;
  • JavaScript – the system unconditionally supports the use of JavaScript in the site templates, menus and pages;
  • AJAX – this technology is widely used in the Control Panel to speed up the system response and decrease server-to-client data traffic. The system places no restrictions on using AJAX in the public section;
  • CSS can be used in the in site template design, public components, etc. The Control Panel features the use of visual themes: users can create their own custom visual themes through the cascading style sheets.
  • Flash technology support is limited. You can use it as a part of the site template design, as advertising banners, as user input controls deliberately designed to interact with the system.
  • RSS (versions 0.92 or 2.0) is used to exchange information between the Information Blocks and Blogs modules.
  • CSV standard is used to exchange the information between the Information Blocks module and other systems.

What collaboration tools Bitrix24 provides?

Bitrix24 allows users to create open and close workgroups, download and share documents, manage tasks and calendars, set meetings and book the meeting rooms, order supplies or business cards, and much more.

Can I contact any of your clients for a testimonial?

Yes, feel free to contact them for any questions concerning our work

Can I try Bitrix without downloading on my computer?

Bitrix24 in the Cloud enables you to test-drive the Bitrix24 features online.

Do I have to host with you?

No, we don’t make hosting with us mandatory. However hosting with us is a big advantage to you since you will have one point of contact incase of any problems.

Do I need any additional software to run Bitrix Intranet Portal?

All software packages required by Bitrix Intranet Portal are available on the vendor web sites for free (except commercial version of Oracle and MSSQL) and also included in the Bitrix Environment package, which comes with Bitrix Intranet Portal.


  • PHP 5.0.0 and higher.
  • Apache 1.3.X and higher or Microsoft IIS 5.0 and higher.
  • MySQL 4.1.11 and higher, or Oracle 10g or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher.


  • PHP 5.0 and higher. It is recommended to use the latest stable release of PHP. The following PHP extensions are required:
    • GD – image handling library;
    • PHP XML – used by the update system;
    • FreeType – required for CAPTCHA;
    • Regular Expressions support;
    • Zlib compression – required to decrease the amount of transferred data;
  • PHP enabled web server:
    • Apache (recommended) 1.3.X and higher. The system also runs successfully on Apache 2.X;
    • MS IIS 5.0 or 6.0. PHP should be installed as ISAPI.
  • Database server support. One of the following database engines can be used on your site:
    • MySQL version 4.1.11 and higher is recommended. To work with MySQL properly, the system requires the MySQL support for PHP to be installed;
    • Oracle 10g can be used. To fully support Oracle, the php_oci8.dll extension of PHP should be installed;
    • MSSQL 2000 and higher can also be used. ODBS support should be provided to be able to install this database.

Do you need any additional software to run Bitrix Intranet Portal?

Every business is different, and each has different standards. Fortunately, Bitrix Intranet Portal is compatible with a number of hardware configurations as well as network topologies. Below are the minimum hardware requirements needed.

CPUs Two physical multicore chips recommended, 2 Ghz minimum.
Memory 3-4 gb physical RAM
Memory limit Please note! One of the indispensable PHP parameters that Bitrix Intranet Portal requires for proper functioning is memory_limit = 64M. This is a minimum amount of PHP memory required by the system core.

Does Bitrix Intranet Portal allow for access to multiple document types?

Bitrix Intranet Portal allows access to multiple document types, such as : Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel.

Does Bitrix24 allow for a keyword search of both intranet pages and documents attached to the intranet?

Bitrix Powerful search indexes documents, files and site pages from a variety of sources. If users are restricted to some documents, the search results will not include these documents.

Does Bitrix24 integrate with Active Directory and LDAP servers?

Yes, Bitrix24 is integrated with Active Directory and LDAP servers.

How does Bitrix24 increase productivity?

Bitrix24 is an Enterprise 2.0 solution that delivers high quality collaboration and communication tools to improve company’s efficiency and enhance decision making.

Bitrix24 provides unified access to all enterprise information and applications, communication tools to increase workforce productivity and allows your organization to automate number of day-to-day business processes.

How does Bitrix24 interact with MS Outlook?

Bitrix24 provides you with two-way integration with MS Outlook on contacts, tasks and calendars.

How easy is it to customize front-end design of Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 comes with 2 out-of-the box design solutions for your portal as well as number of color themes. Just add your company name and logo and your portal is ready to go.

You can also easily rearrange information on the portal Front Page by just adding, deleting or moving page sections, menu items, pictures and tables.

How long does it take to complete a website

Website project completion  depends on many factors e.g. the size of the website, client co-operation, availability of content among others. But we take 8 weeks to complete a standard website project

How much do you charge for a website

We have different website packages and the price will depend on the package that suite you.

How reliable is Bitrix intranet?

Bitrix Intranet Portal guarantees Stability under High Loads. We have conducted MySQL version load testing.

The test approved that the Bitrix software provide reliable and smooth operation of a Web site or Intranet project.

  • 153 983 hits a day (per 24 hours)
  • about 500 000 unique visitors

Test results – 1 593 983 hits – it means about 500 000 unique visitors per 24 hours, virtually about 30-40 thousand visitors per hour, tens of thousands of banner impressions.

Results of Load Testing

Bitrix Intranet Portal Version 8.0. (MySQL)

  • 1 593 983 hits per 24 hours on one dedicated server;
  • average answering interval – 0,349 sec.;
  • number of errors 5xx – 0,07%.

If I already have a site can you help me improve it?

Yes. We  redesign / upgrade  websites

Is my business data protected by Bitrix Intranet?

Bitrix Intranet Portal source code and architecture has been thoroughly tested by the information security specialists to ensure the highest security level for your intranet.

Built-in Proactive Protection Module includes proactive filter (Web Application Firewall), disposable passwords, safety panel, protection of authorized sessions, activity control, intrusion log, Control Panel page access blocking by IP, Stop List, integrity control tools and recommendations on safety system settings.

What are the recommended system requirements for Bitrix Intranet portal?

Bitrix Intranet Portal complete out-of-the-box solution that comes in an optimally configured software stack that’s designed for high performance and easy administration.

Below is a list of the compatible systems, databases, web browsers, and recommended hardware.

  • Unix/Linux/Sun/HP-UX or
  • Windows NT/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows Server 2003 & 2008/Windows 7
  • MySQL
  • Oracle 10, OracleXE
  • MSSQL, MSSQL Express
Runtime Environment Bundled
User Directory LDAP or AD compatible (but not required)

What are your charges for domain registration and hosting?

We charge between 5000-7000 KES (Kenya Shillings) a year. We will provide you with email accounts and control panel to manage your file check the number of people who view your site.

What are your payment methods?

We accept Cheque and Bank wire transfer, we also accept Mpesa and Airtel money transfers using our pay bill numbers.

What communication tools does Bitrix24 offer?

Bitrix24 allows your users to communicate in many different ways: Instant messaging with the portal log, blogs, forums, classifieds, polls and surveys, photo and video gallery.

What is website maintenance?

It refers to the changes made to your website after the initial design and setup. See our packages

What kind of support are provided?

Various on-line training and technical support services are available for Bitrix Intranet Portal. Click here to learn more. We also offer support packages on project completion. Click here to view our support packages

What platforms are supported?

Bitrix Intranet Portal is a cross-platform solution that works on UNIX and Windows (XP, Vista, Windows Server).

It support number of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Oracle XE, MSSQL Express. Web-services and SOAP, corporate network drives and web-folders for document libraries.

What products do you offer?

Our products include: Bitrix Intranet, Chamasoft and Bitrix24. See more details…

Where are you located?

We are located at upper hill Nairobi, Elgon court (D1), Ralph Bunche road.

Which programming language is Bitrix Intranet written in?

Bitrix Intranet Portal is written in PHP.

Who are your clients?

We work with all types of clients from big corporations to individuals, See our client portfolio


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